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Creating Value ~ DCA

Creating Value

Creating Value - An Arts and Culture Sector Policy Framework. 

Creating Value articulates the principles, outcomes and strategies that guided the activities of the DCA for the following five years.

Developed following significant research and extensive consultation with the culture and arts sector and our partners across other Government agencies and the private sector, the Policy Framework represents a new approach to supporting culture and arts in Western Australia

The Creating Value policy framework allowed DCA to begin a new conversation with the arts and culture sector and with Government. It assisted both of these stakeholder areas by clarifying the role that DCA played in developing and delivering arts and cultural policy in WA.

Creating Value is a clear statement that guided DCA in the delivery of public value to the WA community through the support of unique and transformational culture and arts experiences. Public Value offers us a unique way of demonstrating and arguing the value of arts and culture, and our role in delivering, social and economic outcomes to the Western Australian community. This value is created for individuals, communities and the state as a whole.

Creating Value:

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