Access and Inclusion

In July 2006 the former Department of Culture and the Arts, in partnership with the Disability Services Commission (DSC) began working on the Disability and the Arts Inclusion Initiative (DAII). The project saw arts and cultural organisations in Western Australia embark on a journey to provide opportunities to people with disabilities and their families and carers, to participate in everyday arts and cultural activities.

In December 2006, 14 arts and cultural organisations signed up to become DAII partners, and complete Stage 1 and 2 of the four stage DAII model (PDF). Seven of these organisations went on to create an inclusive project with a disability organisation or artists with disabilities.

Open Arts Reflections on the Disability and the Arts Inclusion Initiatives in Western Australia (PDF) celebrates the achievements of each of the nine arts and disability partnerships and includes practical information on how to build inclusive and welcoming arts and cultural experiences.

Message from the Director Generals of DCA and DSC (PDF).