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WA Museum ~ DCA

WA Museum

The Perth site is now closed until 2020 for the construction of the new museum.

Telephone: (08) 9427 2704

A Summary of Accessibility

There is a drop-off bay in Francis Street and accessible parking is available in the adjacent Alexander Library.
Ramps allow wheelchair access throughout the venue.
Other functions held in the Francis Street building can be accessed via a large lift with very high control buttons.
Functions held in Hackett Hall can be accessed via a vertical lifting platform which requires assistance to operate.
The most accessible toilets are on the ground level in Hackett Hall. The door is heavy and limited circulation space makes it difficult to close once inside.

Purchasing Your Ticket

Tickets are available via:
WA Museum website
Telephone: (08) 9427 2700
Facsimile: (08) 9427 2882
Mail: Perth Cultural Centre, Francis Street, Perth WA 6003
TTY relay system: 13 25 44

Assistance Available

There is assistance available at this venue. It is suggested you ring the venue beforehand to discuss your specific access needs.
The contact position is: Reception Desk Attendant
Telephone number is: (08) 9427 2700

Public Transport

There is a bus stop in William Street.
There is a CAT bus to this venue.
The bus stop is accessible.
The nearest train station is Perth Central Station.
The path from the train station and bus stops to this venue is wheelchair accessible.
There is a set-down/pickup point at the Francis Street entrance suitable for cars, taxis, maxi taxis, small buses, large buses.


There are four accessible parking bays in the adjacent Alexander Library car park.
The bays are wide and even.
The bays are identified by the International Symbol of Access.
There are two bays on the ground level and two on the basement level of the car park located adjacent to the lift at the south entrance of the Library.
People using these bays must display a current ACROD parking permit.

Approach to the Building

The path from the accessible parking bay to the courtyard is wide and ramped, and is approximately 60 metres long. The path to the Francis Street entrance is via long ramps on route and at the front door.
The path to Hackett Hall main entance has a well signed ramp.
The pathway is lit for night use.
The path from the set-down area to the front door of the main building is wide, even, and approximately 15 metres long.
The pathway is lit for night use.
Signage to the building is inconsistent and, as the venue is complex, assistance may be required to locate functions.
There are steps at all main entrances. However, alternative routes are available via ramps without adequate intermediate landings.

Main Entrance

There are steps at all main entrances. However, the main entrance can be accessed by ramps.
The ramp from Francis Street building to Hackett Hall is not clearly visible and is not clearly signed.
The main entrance to Hackett Hall has a revolving door, however a swing door is available at the Library end of the forecourt.
The reception desks are not wheelchair accessible, but assistance is available.
All main doors are heavy to push and pull.

Foyer, Corridors and General Areas

There is sufficient circulation space to move through all essential areas of this facility.

Lifts and Stairs

There is a lift available in the Francis Street building which accesses the upper level of the Beaufort street building.
The lift is big enough for a wheelchair to turn around in.
Circulation space outside the lift is big enough to allow wheelchair access.
The lift is close to the reception desk.
The lift has large buttons which are lit up.
The internal and external control panels are too high to be reached by many users.
The lift does not have an audible announcement.
Emergency equipment is too high for a wheelchair user to reach.
Access to the first floor in Hackett Hall is available via a wheelchair platform lift which requires staff assistance to operate. It is not easy to locate and is not signed.

Exhibition Area

At the time of the audit there is sufficient circulation space to move through the exhibition areas.
There is no hearing aid augmentation loop available.
Guided tours are available.
Contact the Museum for information about specific events.


All functions are one price, or free.


There is a unisex wheelchair accessible toilet facility on the ground floor of Hackett Hall.
The toilet complies with Australian Standards, except that there is limited circulation space for wheelchair users to close the door once inside, and insufficient circulation space at the side of the pan.