Sector Development

Nationally and internationally, explaining the full value of the culture and arts sector’s activity to the public, government and other potential funders and investors has been problematic.

The former Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) research on public value approaches indicates that nowhere in the world is there a standard, robust process that demonstrates the full value of the sector. In line with DCA’s strategic plan and Creating Value – An Arts and Culture Sector Policy Framework, we are undertaking to create one.

On 6 October 2011, DCA presented an interactive workshop to contribute to the development of this important initiative. The workshop explored, with the arts and culture sector, how a new case might be developed in the context of an international perspective. It was hosted by Allanah Lucas, Director General, DCA, Michael Chappell of Pracsys and John Knell of the Intelligence Agency.

The session was designed for artists, general managers, artistic directors and boards of organisations, and those stakeholders within government interested in how difficult concepts such as ‘quality’ of artistic work and the ‘reach’ of artistic work can be translated into useful tools to build an evidence base for the sector.

View the transcript and listen to the podcast of Allanah Lucas, Michael Chappell and John Knell’s introduction the workshop. The hosts’ presentations put forward discussion topics including redefining quality, reach, impact and value and simplifying economic outcome measurements.

In addition to this public session, the Department held two focus groups that examined how the screen and digital arts/media sector with its emphasis on online engagement and distribution can incorporate its work into the new public value framework.

Since 2011 there has been significant development of the Public Value Measurement Framework and up to date information can now be found on the Research Hub, Public Value page.