Silk Road Culture Tour

Silk Road Culture Exhibition

The Silk Road Culture Tour is an exhibition of cultural exchange, exploring a Chinese expression of femininity through contemporary and traditional Chinese visual artworks. 

The Silk Road was an ancient trade route connecting China and Europe and was significant in fostering cross-cultural exchange between the East and West. The exhibition has been presented internationally, with previous shows held in Malta, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Spain. Perth is the last city on the tour and the final chance to witness this cultural exhibition. 

Chinese contemporary paintingThe Silk Road Culture Tour is presented by the National Base for International Cultural Exchange and Research China (NBICER) and the International Institute of Cultural Studies – Shanghai. 

Professor Chen Shenglai, head of the NBICER, founded the Shanghai International Arts Festival and is a research professor at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. 

For Chen, the exhibition is not only an activity for international cultural exchange, but an opportunity to gain a new perspective on Chinese feminine art: 

“It highlights the peerless elegance of the Chinese female, with the more recently acquired sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement. It is believed that this world tour will be a new page in the history of Chinese feminine art.”

The exhibition will display 46 artworks by 17 female and 5 male artists.

The artists include: Chen Jialing, Wang Dongling, Maleonn, Jiao Jian, Wu Xiaowei, Chen Xiaodan, Chu Chu, Chen Mingyuan, Tang Huimin, Huang He, Lu Yuwei, Li Xiuqin, Lin Rujing, Wang Ren, Zhou Jun, Zhou Yinchen, Shi Guangbo, Zhao Changzhu, Lin Yinji, Zhu Hong, Nong Chunni and Joyce Huang.

Perth Concert Hall,
14-27 March 2019,
free entry.

Opening hours:

Monday 18 to Thursday 21 March - 9am to 5pm
Friday 22 March - 9am to 9:30pm
Saturday 23 March - 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Sunday 24 March - closed

Monday 25 and Tuesday 25 March - 9am to 5pm
Wednesday 27 March - 9am to 9:30pm

For further details please email or (08) 6552 7875.

Artist Talk with Chen Jialing – Buddhist Art

10.30am to 11.30am, Wednesday 13 March 2019
The University Club of Western Australia
Attendance is free, but registration is essential for catering

Hear from esteemed Shanghai artist Chen Jialing, who is visiting Perth as part of the Silk Road Culture Tour. 

Born in Hangzhou in 1937, Chen Jialing graduated from the China Academy of Art in 1963 having studied under the esteemed Pan Tianshou and Lu Yanshao. The artist then taught at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. In 1989, his painting Immaculate was awarded the silver medal in the 7th National Fine Arts Exhibition in China. In 1987, Chen Jialing’s lotus-flower-themed painting Twilight was used as the cover for a book by Joan Lebold Cohen, entitled The New Chinese Painting: 1949-1986, published by American publisher Harry N. Abrams, Inc. In 2002, Chen Jialing set up the Peninsula Arts Centre, the Peninsula Ceramic Arts Hall as well as the Ling-kiln. 

From 1987 to 2017, Chen Jialing exhibited and lectured in over 20 countries. The artist held two large-scale overview exhibitions in 2013 and 2017, which were showcased at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Museum of Art, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shanxi Provincial Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, Anhui Museum and the National Museum of China. In 2015, the Chen Jialing Buddhist Art Hall was unveiled at the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. 

Image credit: Zhu Hong, The Girl Who Fainted, 100x150x8cm