Perth Cultural Centre

Generative Power of Opposites by Carl Scrase, 2011. Photo by Consuelo Cavaniglia.

The former DCA worked in partnership with MRA (previously EPRA) on a Public Art Project that engages a number of different artists to respond to the cultural precinct space in a non-permanent or ephemeral way.

Curator of this project, Consuelo Cavaniglia, developed a diverse program that was designed to delight, challenge, inspire and surprise. She selected artists who engaged with public spaces in a variety of ways and who employed a diversity in scale, medium, palette and commentary.

Some art works were of a monumental scale like The Generative Power of Opposites by Carl Scrase, while others were more subtle and utilise existing infrastructure such as Bomb da Site by Matthew Hunt.

Curatorial Statement

“Unfolding over a period of 12 months the program will see the work of local, national and international artists engage with the site in a vast range of approaches – from instantaneous, spectacular events to month-long installations of captivating light works and the bold placement of insightful text works. The program will not have a thematic thread, instead the focus in bringing works to this space is driven by the desire to see high quality contemporary art, works that consider the space (physically, culturally and socially), works that invite the public to experience the space differently and works that engage the potential of the various cultural institutions that bound the Cultural Centre.

Ephemeral art is dynamic by nature and this project positively explores the potential for work that presents an alternative to more common models in public art that value permanence. If public art makes a statement about the identity of a place, then the approach that this project promotes has the potential to communicate the vibrancy of local cultural practices.”

- Consuelo Cavaniglia, 2011.

Current Interventions

pressure/Compression 2007 7min
Screened daily in the Perth Cultural Centre until January 22
At 10:00am and 6:45pm
On the large LED screen Elise/Jurgen’s  Pressure/Compression is the latest work in the ongoing program of ephemeral public art in the Perth Cultural Centre.
This emerging dynamic duo have been producing some very exciting and sophisticated video work  – one of their strongest pieces to date Pressure/Compression is a mesmeric and poetic work on the idea of collaboration, through a consideration of rivalry, dependence and support.

Sohan Ariel Hayes and Benjamin Forster
A Luminary Series of Records Played in Parallel
26 April - 13 May, 2012
Perth Cultural Centre

In a newly commissioned projection work created by West Australian artists Sohan Ariel Hayes and Benjamin Forster during enriching four-week residency at the State Records Office of Western Australia.

Sohan Hayes and Benjamin Forster, A Luminary Series of Records Played in Parallel. 2012.

Passers experienced thousands of unique and thought-provoking records abruptly unfolding from the architectural facades of the Perth Cultural Centre during April-May.

This 'expanded cinema' work was constructed utilising a diverse series of documents sourced from the State Records Office, on a range of subjects from the political, through the bizarre, to the everyday. Examining the archives both aleatorically and through constructed narratives, this new work questioned how WA citizens understood themselves and their State in the light of history.

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