situate - International Arts Competition

situate was an international sculpture competition for Perth, Western Australia.

'Grow Your Own' by James Angus. Image courtesy of Sebastian Adams

$1million was offered for an artwork to transform the city landscape, with Forrest Place - the location of a proposed major upgrade - announced as the site. 

The competition provided a model of cooperation between State and Local Governments to deliver major commissioned artworks within the city CBD. It was an invitation to think creatively about what we want from our capital city.

This competition has provided tangible illustrations of what can be achieved when committed to the belief that our sense of place and regional identity can be reflected in our built environment. 

The winner of the competition - James Angus and his team - was announced on Friday September 11, 2009. 

James Angus' artwork was the single largest art commission undertaken in Western Australia.

For more information please visit the situate website