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Strategic Partnerships

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<BODY>Enquiries relating to DCA’s strategic programs, partnerships and policy can be directed to a relevant DCA policy officer. See the following document for contact information. 
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Note: For assistance and enquiries relating to DCA grants programs, contact a <HYPERLINK TO GRANTS CONTACTS PDF>>DCA grants officer<HYPERLINK><BODYPolicy and Partnerships

Culture and the Arts partners with a range of government and non-government organisations to deliver strategic arts and cultural outcomes for Western Australia.  

Partnerships are based on shared objectives and use networking, collaboration and coordination to achieve common goals. In conjunction with Culture and the Arts' Organisational Investment Program, strategic partnerships aim to address wide ranging opportunities across the arts and cultural sector and the wider community.

These may be delivered through multi-year Memorandums of Understanding and funding agreements or through short term initiatives and projects. Examples include work in the area of arts in education, public art, sector initiatives and development, regional arts and culture, Aboriginal art and culture, health and wellbeing.  

Enquiries relating to our strategic partnerships and programs can be directed to a Grants Officer. 

Tel: (08) 6552 7400

Note: For assistance and enquiries relating to Culture and the Arts grants programs, please view the Grants and Funding contacts information page.