Information for Recipients

This information applies to all recipients however Connecting to Country, Raise the Roof and Regional and Remote Touring Fund recipients may have slightly different processes. Please refer to the information you are sent with your contract or contact us.

You will be notified by email if your application is successful. You will need to sign the contract and return a copy by email and post as per the instructions included in your Letter of Offer.

Once your project begins we encourage you to document it through photographs. You will find information regarding how best to do this in the application manual.

Using appropriate Logos and Acknowledgements is a condition of your funding so ensure you read the guidelines and use the logos correctly.

You need to submit an acquittal or applicant report once your activity is complete. Failure to do so means you and your key personnel will be unable to apply for funding in the future.  Login to Online Grants to submit your acquittal report.

When you submit images with your acquittal or applicant report, the best images may be used on our website and in promotional materials. This is a valuable opportunity for publicity. If you would like your images to be considered they must be high quality, have information so we can appropriately credit them and you must include an image permission form for us to use them.

If you applied for your grant using the Online Grants system you will also use the Online Grants system to acquit your grant. In some circumstances you may need to request a hardcopy acquittal pack by contacting us.

Please follow the process outlined here to provide feedback or make an appeal or complaint.