Major Performing Arts Companies

The Major Performing Arts (MPA) companies are funded in partnership with the Australian Government through the Australia Council as part of a national approach to secure high level outcomes from the MPA sector. The MPA companies are funded through The National Framework for Government's Support of the Major Performing Arts Sector which was agreed by Cultural Ministers in August 2011.

The Framework continues the partnership between Australian, State and Territory Governments to support artistic excellence and best practice governance and management in the 28 companies designated as MPA companies.

There are four MPA companies in Western Australia:

The MPA companies play a vital role in the development of artists and audiences, as well as being a large employer of artists and arts professionals in Western Australia.

To be included in this category, a company must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be a dance, music, opera or theatre company or a hybrid thereof;

  • demonstrate the highest artistic standards in performances;

  • show an ongoing commitment to the development of the art form;

  • demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the development of artists within the art form;

  • show evidence of a sizeable and increasing audience base;

  • have a minimum average annual total income of $1.54 million over the previous three-year period; and

  • demonstrate an ongoing ability to be financially viable, including increasing levels of financial support from the broader community.