DCA Service Delivery

DCA service delivery

DCA undertakes a Client Feedback Survey (CFS) biennially to gain feedback from funding applicants on the value of the relationship and experience of DCA services.

Participants of the CFS are engaged through an online survey and a discussion on feedback via telephone. All organisations and artists that apply for funding over the preceding two-year period are invited to take part.  

The CFS is a highly valuable tool for DCA to obtain feedback regarding the perceived quality of our funding programs and service delivery. The information obtained from the survey informs and influences DCA operational practices and helps to ensure our services are responsive to sector needs.

2012 Client Feedback Survey Summary Report

2012 Client Feedback Survey Summary Report (PDF, 4Mb)

2010 Client Satisfaction Survey Report

2010 Client Satisfaction Survey Summary Report (PDF, 187Kb)

 Grant applicants' satisfaction with their contact with DCA. 2012 Client Feedback Summary Report (pdf, 4Mb)