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The value of arts and culture to society, and how to measure this value, has been the subject of intense debate for many years both in Australia and overseas. Increasingly the sector is expected to demonstrate the value of its work across social, economic and environmental outcomes to audiences, investors and governments, often relying on government to consolidate data and report on key measures of value. 

Since 2010, through its Public Value Measurement Framework (PVMF), DLGSC Culture and the Arts WA has undertaken a comprehensive process of investigating and measuring the public value it creates. The public value is the cultural, social and economic benefits to the Western Australian community. The value is created through its investment as an industry development agency for the arts, culture and creative sector.

The PVMF has been successfully applied by Western Australian government and other jurisdictions’ and country’s governments through Culture Counts, a digital data collection and analysis system evaluating real time feedback from multiple sources across the cultural sector.

Both the PVMF and the Culture Counts platform have been further developed and improved over the last years. This includes most recent work on exploring the measurement of intangible social benefits, a highly complex area of public value in relation to government investment (for more details please follow the Social Impacts link).   


Social Impacts of Culture and the Arts WA

Full Report (PDF, 5Mb)

Measuring the Quality of the Arts

Measuring the Quality of the Arts

A new approach to capturing, measuring and explaining the value of the arts.

Full Report (PDF, 4Mb)

Public Value Measurement Framework. Valuing and Investing in the Arts - Towards a New Approach

Public Value Measurement Framework.
Valuing and Investing in the Arts - Towards a New Approach

Technical Report Released 2012 
(PDF, 2Mb)

Issues Paper 2 - Benchmarking

PVMF Issues Paper 2 - Benchmarking 
(PDF, 1Mb)