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Culture Counts ~ DCA

Culture Counts

 Dream State Circus fire show in Gascoyne as part of the Gascoyne in May festivals. Photo by Anton Blume.

To achieve accurate and real time data collection, DLGSC Culture and the Arts WA commissioned the development of the Culture Counts system. This Western Australian product was a first of its kind digital platform and data collection tool for the arts, culture and creative sector. It captures feedback on the quality of an arts or cultural experience, using real time feedback from audiences, peers, organisations and artists.

This tool enables the funder, arts organisations, and artists to understand more about the intrinsic value created in relation to their work. Pracsys who partnered in the development of the Culture Counts approach, established Culture Counts the company to deliver the digital tool. It has since been a successful ongoing public private partnership, progressing quickly with the support of the sector as well as gaining an international reputation. For instance, Arts Council England has selected Culture Counts and its UK partner Counting What Counts Ltd to provide the service for their new impact and insight toolkit.

For more detail please visit the Culture Counts website