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Video 9: Questions and Answers ~ DCA

Video 9: Questions and Answers

Value Based Language

Video 9: Questions and Answers (12 mins 52 secs)

A selection of the highlights from the Q&A section of this seminar, in which audience members ask John Paul to expand upon topics discussed, or address new questions. Due to the absence of the microphone, some of the audience questions are inaudible. For clarity, please refer to:
- the attached transcript;
- below for exact questions; or
- refer to the video.

Download a transcript of this video

Timecode   Audience question
0:10   Audience member asks question about the use of applications or apps in marketing campaigns
1:19   Audience member asks question about how to effectively engage with teachers to entice them to visit to arts organisations and provide feedback and participate in activities
2:46   Audience member is expressing concern regarding marketing that uses inflated emotional language to attract audiences when the product doesn’t deliver.
3:40   Audience member is concerned about promoting the benefits of arts in education on learning when it may not be true.
5:29   Audience member is commenting on the opportunities arising for the arts sector in the Australian Curriculum: The Arts.
6:00   Audience member is making a comment that many teachers do know the curriculum.  That promotion needs to be targeted to school principals as they may not have specialist knowledge
7:20   Audience member is commenting that research information is readily available on the internet. It is the responsibility of the arts marketers to remain informed and use accordingly
7:57   Audience member asks question about the use of text messaging and the best way to use it.
9:52   The audience member is referring to geocaching apps
10:14   Audience member is interested to know how marketing to the under 30’s market segment is currently being undertaken in Melbourne